6 Things That Seniors Need


Growing old is tough and no matter how hard seniors try to hide the pain away from you, it may still reflect through their eyes. Aside from the physical struggles, seniors face problems that relate to their mental, emotional, social, and psychological well-being and they may feel helpless and lost. As their family, be a shoulder that they can rely on.

To make their lives better, know what matters most to them. Here are the six crucial essentials for seniors:

  • Dignity
    Having gray hairs is never a degradation of someone’s humanity. When humans turn weak and wrinkly, it is the time when they need all the respects that they can get. For seniors, to be treated with dignity is more valuable than the expensive items that money can buy.
  • Companionship
    Research reveals that as someone passes the age of 65, the risk of suicide inclines. It has been found that seniors develop a high tendency to depression and isolation. Keep your senior loved one accompanied by you or a caregiver all the time. So you can monitor them and they could have someone to talk to whenever they have problems.
  • Empathy
    There are times that seniors can be too emotional. Please note that their mood swings are not voluntary but rather a product of chemistry. As we reach seniority, the hormonal balance in our body gets disarrayed. As a result, abrupt emotional changes occur. Given this situation, it is best if you would extend another mile of patience when an elderly throw their tantrums.
  • Social connection
    Any problem is bearable if you share it with someone. Reconnect your loved ones with their peers and let them celebrate their seniority. Also, open new opportunities for them to grow. Engage them with fun and exciting activities that they have never experienced before.
  • Serenity
    Irritability seems to be an inherent trait of seniority. Be sensitive to the things that can disturb them. Exposure to factors that they dislike may stress them out. Remember, at their age stress can easily harbor diseases and disorders like insomnia, hypertension, and heart attack.
  • Love
    Humans are creatures of love. We were made out of love so we are born to be loved. For seniors, love can be in a form of hearty soups, sweet “good mornings”, and even regular visits. Saying “I love you” may also make their day. Be creative in expressing your love to them.

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