Home Care and Companion: A Senior’s Guide to Preventing Depression


You can’t simply be alone and declare that you’re living to the fullest if you don’t even feel full. Some things are just lacking when you’re alone. The lack of care, the lack of love, the lack of friendship, the lack of companionship, and other lacks will eventually sink in and be realized.

A Better Care For You LLC doesn’t want you to wake up alone and stay alone in the dawn of certain realizations such as these. We want to be by your side taking care of you and helping you get the basic needs all individuals deserve.

To prevent depression and to reduce the chances of depression, we give you the following suggestions you can use to guide you out of depression’s way:

  • Be with people who care for you. It can be a family member, a friend, your neighbor or even a caregiver or a home health aide.
  • Companionship isn’t about just being physically present every day but it’s about making connections. Get to know people and tell each other your stories.
  • Increase happiness and make new memories that bring joy by doing activities together with your companion. It doesn’t have to be an expensive activity, simple activities such as playing board games and reading will do.
  • Since depression is common among elderly individuals, it’s also good to pair the companionship with care provided to you at the comforts of your own home by a trained professional. Aside from a companion, you also have a personal care provider reminding you of things such as appointments and medication.
  • Be provided with care and companionship that meet your needs in a personalized manner. Ask for options on the care plan offered by your care provider and get to know who they are before meeting them in person. This helps match you with the best possible care provider and this also helps in your specifications of care. It will also help you avoid unforeseen factors that might stress you out.

We provide you with Elderly Care in Torrance, California to help you live in the best condition possible as you age. Our services include Medication Service which meets your concerns related to certain medical needs. To know more about us and our services, give us a call and feel free to talk to us at 310-500-7223.


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