Elderly Care and Medication Services in California

elderly couples with their caregiversA Better Care For You LLC provides referral and placement services for seniors and families who are looking for high-quality care providers and care facilities. However, while we are a referral agency, we still operate a number of care homes that can provide you with top-notch services including, but not limited to:

  • Delicious and Nutritious Meals
    We provide daily meals that ensure the nutritional requirements of our residents. Aside from serving hearty recipes, we also ensure that we boost their appetite by making sure that meals and snacks are also delicious and highly palatable.
  • Proper Housekeeping
    We provide light housekeeping services to ensure that residents have clean clothes and linens, are living in clean and well-sanitized surroundings, and are safe to roam around organized and well-arranged furnishings.
  • Correspondence Management
    We have a facility that allows for the delivery of all mails and packages of our residents directly to their rooms. We also provide a deposit area for all outgoing mails and packages, which will be picked up for one-time drop-off.
  • Medication Services
    Since we have scheduled for our care providers to be available round-the-clock, we can provide medication assistance to all residents who need reminders and aid in administering their medications. Aside from that, we also provide for basic health services like vital signs monitoring upon request.
  • Safety and Security
    Though we do not claim responsibility for damages or loss of personal items outside of staff negligence, we strive our best to keep residents and their personal belongings safe and secure inside the facility.
  • Basic Utilities
    We provide for all basic facilities in our common area like a television and a telephone. Should any of our residents request for his personal TV, telephone, or internet connection for his own consumption, our rooms are wired and fully prepared for such requests. This goes the same with newspaper/magazine subscriptions, and other personal needs that residents may ask for in terms of utilities. We have a ready list of service providers that we can easily tap on your request.
  • Visiting Schedules
    We welcome visitors from ten in the morning until eight in the evening. At your request, we can arrange appropriate transportation for you to get to our facility conveniently. House doctors can also visit the primary doctor, and provided that they go there together with the family.
  • Transportation
    We can contact and arrange for transport and ambulation needs at the request of residents or their families.
  • Doctor’s Checkup
    We have a doctor available for house calls should you decide to set up an account with him. This physician can request for professional medical support for the senior patient as required. Nurses, therapists, phlebotomists, x-ray technicians, and other medical staff can do home service upon request. The doctor can also order prescriptions directly from your preferred pharmacy.
  • Recreational Activities
    group of elderly woman doing handicraft activitiesTo inject fun into their daily routines, we provide residents with activities that are fun and highly engaging like karaoke, bingo, ball games, and other fun yet safe physical activities.
  • Third Party Services
    We provide the following third party services, with doctor’s orders: therapists, certified nursing assistants, social workers, medical technicians, and others. We also provide others services like hairdressers and podiatrists at your request via insurance or family payments.
  • Medical Supply Services
    Home delivery of durable medical equipment (hospital beds, etc.) and incontinent supplies (diaper, etc.).

We can also help you find other care facilities that provide similar services to the ones listed above. Rest assured, our services at A Better Care For You LLC are all designed to provide seniors with convenient and happy lives whether at home, with us, or with the care facility of their choosing.

We encourage you to Set An Appointment or to contact us at 310-500-7223 should you have any service-related inquiries or concerns.