Types of Care

Elderly Care Services in California

nurse accompanying a senior
At A Better Care For You LLC, we want to help you find the most competent care providers who can provide all of the assistance that you need. With our connections and years of experience in the care industry, we can help you find caregivers or care facilities who can provide the following high-quality services:

Home Care

We understand that since you are in your twilight years, you would highly prefer being at home with your family members and dear loved ones. With our help, we can help you find caregivers who can provide high-quality home care services that allow you to enjoy health care services without leaving the warmth of your house. We can help you find skilled care providers who can provide high-standard services and assistance such as:

  • Companionship and chaperoning
  • Hygiene management
  • Dressing and grooming
  • Diet management/meal planning
  • Light errands
  • Medication management
  • Home delivery of medical supplies

nurse replacing the wound dressing of a senior
Memory Care

If you or a loved one has been affected by Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia, you can trust us to help you find a care facility that can provide you with the proper memory care services that you need. If you would prefer to remain at home, we can also help you find caregivers who are specifically trained in handling patients with these conditions.

nurse and two seniors during their physical exerciseHospice Care

Living with the reality of a terminal illness can be very disabling, not just to the patient but to their loved ones as well. A Better Care For You LLC understands the need for great physical, emotional, and financial support for these families. This is why we offer our assistance in helping you a find hospice care facility or a hospice care provider who can help you live a pain-free and dignified life of your choosing.

nurse replacing the wound dressing of a senior
Companion Care

Seniors who are under long term care, living away from family members, or suffering a condition have a high likelihood of developing depression. When left untreated, depression can cause not just emotional, but mental and physical complications as well. Here in A Better Care For You LLC, we don’t wait for that to happen. We make sure that we provide the right care provider who can:

  • Join your loved ones in recreational activities
  • Sit beside your loved ones during tv/movie marathons
  • Provide daily assistance
  • Engage in fun conversations

nurse replacing the wound dressing of a senior
Rehab Care

A Better Care For You LLC can assist you in identifying first-rate rehab centers that can meet your physical, occupational, and/or speech therapy needs. We understand your desire to get back your old life and be once again independent to do the things that you like. That is why we provide you with the right resources and tools so that you can recuperate and heal fully.

Should rehab not be an option, we can help you find case management services. With this services, therapists can guide you on how to better care for yourself and better manage your condition despite your incapacities.

nurse replacing the wound dressing of a senior
Incontinent Care

Incontinence is a symptom or an effect of various conditions such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, and even, simply, old age. Because of the lack of bladder or bowel control, patients need assistance in keeping themselves clean, and dignified. At A Better Care For You LLC, we can help you find compassionate Incontinence Care providers who can provide services such as:

  • Gentle and routine reminders on going to the comfort room
  • Providing bladder health awareness
  • Providing assistance and products that aids in incontinence
  • Hygiene management

In-Home Care Support
A Better Care For You LLC is affiliated with MLC Medical DME and Supply company who has been a provider since 1993 with home delivery of DME (hospital bed, wheelchair, bedside commode, walker, and others) and Medical Supplies (diapers, under pads, wipes, gloves, incontinent care wash and cream).

At A Better Care For You LLC, we offer our services at very competitive prices. With our expertise, we can help you find the most capable caregivers and we can place you in top-notch care facilities.

Allow us to provide the referral and placement services that you need today. For more information, please don’t think twice about calling us at 310-500-7223 or you can Set An Appointment now for further discussion.